Where should you focus to unleash sales performance?

Sales and other executive leaders have no shortage of ideas for what they need to do to improve sales. With so many options—people, structure, process, compensation, management, training—it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what to do to raise the bar on performance.

As a leading sales consultancy with sophisticated analysis tools and experienced sales consultants,   BMITCHPANACHE can help you determine with confidence which paths will lead to significant increases in sales performance.

You’ll work with a sales consultant who knows the ins and outs of your industry, and who will work with you to uncover the changes you need to make to see dramatic sales improvement. Then, we’ll help you move from recommendations to action and change.

Our sales consulting services include:

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Sales Performance Improvement Consulting


Most leaders know there is huge untapped revenue growth potential in their sales organization. However, structuring and organizing for growth, finding and developing the right people, and enabling them to unleash their sales potential is frustratingly elusive.

With   BMITCHPANACHE’s Sales Performance Benchmark Analysis and Plan, we’ll uncover the greatest opportunities for sales growth at your organization and provide you with a roadmap to realize this growth.

We’ve identified 75 specific factors, organized around the eight drivers in the Sales Performance Wheel, that impact a sales team’s ultimate performance and growth. We’ll analyze your organization in each of these categories and provide specific recommendations on where you need to focus.

Strategic Account Management Consulting


Selling to existing accounts is one of the biggest untapped opportunities to grow sales in most organizations.

In our Top Performance in Strategic Account Management research study, we gathered and analyzed data from 397 companies that engage in formal strategic account management. We asked how much more revenue they believe they should be generating with strategic accounts:

  • 76% of companies believe they should generating 25% or more revenue from existing accounts
  • 47% believe they should be generating 50% or more

Every day in our work we see companies leaving revenue and profit growth opportunities with accounts on the table. Capturing this account growth opportunity and maximizing sales with existing accounts is a challenge for even the top sales organizations.

BMITCHPANACHE’s Strategic Account Management Consulting and Advisory services can help your organization develop a repeatable process proven to grow accounts. We’ll help you implement the structure, processes, and tools you need to tap into this crucial revenue growth opportunity.